Otto Lohmüller

Category: Painting, Sculpture

Otto Lohmüller (born 1943 in Gengenbach, Germany, where he still resides) is a still active contemporary German figurative painter, sculptor and book illustrator, whom some consider controversial because of his images of young male nudes (usually in the 9 to 15 age range, mostly from his family and organizations he belongs to), although in his published work there is never any overt eroticism whatsoever.
He almost exclusively works with the human form, usually with minimal background and as could be expected, is an accomplished portrait artist. His portraits and sculpture include citizens of all ages from his town, people from his travels to India and Southeast Asia, and occasionally public figures. Some of his works contain subtle political or societal commentary, although this is not yet a major theme for him. Occasionally he indulges in wryly humorous works of fantasy, but is primarily a representational artist.His images are usually extremely accurate, often bordering upon the semi-photographic, but never slavishly so. -

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