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Nikolai Chernyshov
Updated: 2017-04-16
Category: Painting

Lidiya Ostrova
Updated: 2017-04-12
Category: Painting
Russian, b. 1914

Anna Lea Merritt
Updated: 2017-03-24
Category: Painting
American Pre-Raphaelite Painter, 1844-1930

Jens Ferdinand Willumsen
Updated: 2017-03-20
Category: Painting
Jens Ferdinand Willumsen (Copenhagen, 1863 - Cannes, 1958) was a Danish artist who was associated with the movements of Symbolism and Expressionism.

Anna Ajtner
Updated: 2017-03-19
Category: Photography

Allan O'Marra
Updated: 2017-02-26
Category: Painting
Allan O’Marra is a graduate of OCAD University in Toronto, a multi-award-winning artist, art teacher, transpersonal psychotherapist, self-published writer, fine arts columnist and art exhibition jurist.

Ernest Procter
Updated: 2017-02-20
Category: Painting
English Painter, 1886-1935

Roy Cleveland Nuse
Updated: 2017-02-20
Category: Painting
Roy Cleveland Nuse (1885-1975) played an integral part in both the Bucks County and Philadelphia art scenes. Nuse influenced several generations of artists as a teacher at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia, and through exhibitions of his paintings during his long career...

Otto Modersohn
Updated: 2017-02-20
Category: Painting
Friedrich Wilhelm Otto Modersohn (22 February 1865, Soest - 10 March 1943, Rotenburg) was a German landscape painter.

Edward Henry Potthast
Updated: 2017-02-20
Category: Painting
American Impressionist Painter, 1857-1927

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