Jenny Nyström

Category: Painting

Jenny Eugenia Nyström (born June 13 or June 15, 1854 in Kalmar, Sweden; died January 17, 1946 in Stockholm) was a painter and illustrator who is mainly known as the person who created the Swedish image of the jultomte on numerous Christmas cards and magazine covers, thus linking the Swedish version of Santa Claus to the gnomes of Scandinavian folklore.

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Gustav Vasa som barn inför kung Hans
Tags: boy
Jenny con su hijo Curt Stoopendaahl
Tags: baby, boy, motherhood
Tags: boy, game, girl
Tags: boy
Tjej med en docka
Tags: girl
Sovande flickan med en docka
Tags: girl
Solskensflickan i Bo
Tags: girl
Tags: boy
Girl with her Dolls
Tags: game, girl
Tags: boy, girl
Flicka med blomsterkorg
Tags: girl
Tags: baby, boy, girl
Badande pojke
Tags: baby, boy, nude
Badande Barn
Tags: bathing, boy, girl, nude
Pojke i eka med badande flickor
Tags: boy, girl

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