Rita Ackermann

Category: Painting

Rita Ackermann was born in Budapest and lives and works in New York, where she has been showing her paintings since 1994 with Andrea Rosen Gallery in NY and Peter Kilchmann Gallery in Zurich. Her first LP was a solo performance released by Ecstatic Peace in 1997, followed by her "Deerslayer" shadow puppet performances. Her second album was Diadal, a double-LP collaboration with Jutta Koether released on Hot Cars Warp Records in 1998. Ackermannn’s band Angelblood was formed with Liz Bougatsos and Jess Holzworth in 1999, with two CDs on Captain Trip Records in Tokyo (Angelblood and Masses of the Daggers) and an album on Printed Matter (Labia Minora). Ackermann and Bougatsos curate shows under the name Angelblood, most recently 2004’s "Indigestible Correctness" at New York’s Participant, Inc. and Rove-Kenny Schackter.

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